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Canyon Creek Avalanche Photos Before and After

I wanted to share these images of mine from skiing the past five days in the Canyon Creek area near Whitefish, Montana. They show the Skook Chutes before and after the avalanche on 2/25/2014. On Sunday 2/23/14 our group skinned up to the Skookoleel Peak and dug a pit in the first opening. Here are our ops from that Sunday.

We skied Banana Chute a few days before this avalanche and got the third shot shown below before the slide. Then today 2/26/2014 we skied Banana Chute a day after this slide to photograph the crown, run out and damage.

Please have all your gear, travel safe, dig a pit and read the avalanche report – http://www.flatheadavalanche.org



Lookers left of Skook Chutes from Banana Chute.


Looking direct at Skook Chutes from middle Banana Chute.


Looking direct at Skook Chutes from upper Banana Chute on Feb. 21, 2014 – 4 days before the slide seen in the above photo.


Debris pile and broken 9″ tree section. Deposit depth 6-10 feet wide spread. A groomer has been through since the slide

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  1. sean kelly
    Posted February 27, 2014 at 6:25 am | #

    had my friend paul Moffatt buried in this exact spot in 2000 was able to dig out and revive. thanks for keeping people aware

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