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Grizzly Adams DID have a beard


Rusty Cash at Big Mountain did have an ice beard! Photo (C) Craig Moore/GlacierWorld.com All Rights Reserved

While not every man has what it takes to grow facial hair, it is certainly a rite of passage for many men; especially those who choose to live in the mountains — or mountain towns for that matter.  Whether it be a wispy [read: Pornstarlike] mustache that is only visible from the side or a full fledged knee length beard a la ZZ Top there is no shortage of options when it comes to facial hair.  The choices are myriad and limited most often only by one’s creativity and patience (or the patience of the wife, girlfriend, or current significant other). The Balbo or the Old Dutch? The Goatee or the Shortbox?  The classic but timely French Fork or the rap industry standard Chinstrap?  Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beardholder it would seem.  Originally it is thought that beards were grown to protect men’s faces from the elements or as a status of age and respect amongst the clan; however, in modern times the beard has perhaps become a symbol more of ones counter cultural nature.  In the world of ski culture the beard has a dual role, one of pragmatism and exhibition.  Yes, we’re talking about the beloved Snow Beard aka The Jack Frost.  The Snow Beard takes time to cultivate and only under the right conditions does it truly thrive.  Many men have tried and even more have failed.  Perhaps you are one of the select few to know the frosty delights of the JF and if so we implore you to soldier forward for you are in an elite class of quasi legendary individuals.  May Ullr continue to bless you….godspeed.


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