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Inversion day at Big Red Cats – Rossland, BC

Big Red Cats owners Kieren & Paula Gaul in Rossland, BC invited us up to come ski and checkout their operation – WOW! They have a top notch crew, amazing lodging and the most vast cat skiing we have ever skied. They run five cats on 19,300 acres spread across 8 peaks. If you like getting vertical more than sitting in a cat or waiting for transportation this is the place for you. They have every aspect of cat skiing nailed down solid. We never had to wait for a cat or waste time loading/unloading. They have amazing wraps and sandwiches for lunch in the cat.  At the end of the day our cat felt like a group of old friends out for a private ski day. Thanks again Big Red Cats, Mystery Ranch Backpacks, Talus Outdoor and Montana Ski Company for helping make it happen!

Here are some images from the trip on a sick inversion day. We can’t wait to go back and explore more of Big Red Cats’ terrain and Rossland.






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