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Whitefish Mountain Resort Ranked #11

Ski Magazine released their annual resort ranking guide this fall and while some of the top 10 resorts were no surprise the 11th place finisher was our own Whitefish Mountain Resort aka Big Mountain.  The resort’s previous highest ranking was No. 18 in 2000 and was ranked No. 22 last season.   Ski Magazine uses a reader survey poll to calculate the results and while we’re not exactly sure if there were any hanging chads or double clicks during this uber-scientific research what we do know is that Big Mountain has a history of good snow, cool locals, cheap deals, and stiff drinks.  Perhaps a combination worthy of a top ten ranking?  But then we wouldn’t really want too many tourists flooding our home hill now would we?  In the end really, any resort ranking by a major ski company (that may or may not own a number of resorts in the top 10) is just a number.  We prefer to think of the #11 the same way that Nigel from Spinal Tap did…we just go one higher than 10.

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  1. Posted January 3, 2013 at 8:17 am | #

    I smell a Ski-A-Palooza event on the horizon ….

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