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A look back – Divide Mountain, June 2010

Last June Dan, Jason and I headed out to bike, hike and ski Divide Mountain. The summit is on the boarder of Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. We were planning on skiingĀ  the north face of the mountain but the snow pack didn’t hold up to much so we skied the chutes on the northeast side back towards the plains. Divide Mountain is so named for a couple reasons, its summit exactly straddles the border between Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation and partly due to the rather unusual division (or dividing) of ownership and management of the mountain itself. The Blackfeet Nation owns and manages, 25.89% of the mountain; the U.S. Forest Service manages 50.0% and the National Park Service manages 24.11%.


Getting ready at the truck. We decided not to ride our bikes since the mud was so thick.


Jason working his way up towards the ridge.


Jason gets another layer on before heading out to scout our line.


Jason checking out what’s below this roll over.


Jason and I went higher up to see what we could ski towards the north east.


Jason goes up the ridge searching for a ski line.


We scrambled up the ridge towards the summit but since the snow was so thin on the north side we turned around and skied the northeast side.


Divide Mountain’s summit, the north face is on lookers right. We skied the east side.


Jason and I head back to the old lookout to find Dan before dropping in. It’s pretty cool looking out from Divide Mountain and seeing miles of flat land.


Jason and Dan get geared up before heading out to ski down Divide Mtn.


Dan making some turns in the lower open area below the lookout.


Dan goes flying by towards the plains. The next set of hills are some 2,000 miles east towards New England.


Our ski lines in the lower open section below the Northeast side of Divide Mtn.


Dan and Jason make their way back towards the truck after skiing Divide Mtn.


A few of my Mystery Ranch Backpacks and gear dry off in the front yard after I hosed the mud off them following our June ski.

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  1. Posted January 25, 2011 at 10:40 am | #

    Late to the party on this post, but an epic post none the less. That old lookout is the shiz, what’s the history on that place?! Kind reminds me of the shack at the top of Mt. Whitney

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